Posted by Pratik Pandey on 4:09 PM

Wow! What a great movie. It's absolute fun. It is a movie without any big star, but still it is fun to watch. This movie doesn't have big promotion, that's why I was little doubtful about the quality of this movie initially. But its treatment is too good. The way Director portrayed a serious subject in comic manner makes the movie a real class comedy.

The character of Mr. Khosla is played by Anupam Kher brilliantly. This is the story about middle class man's dream of making his own house and the obstacle which comes in-between his dream and him. Boman Irani played his negative role in comic way beautifully and he's at his best in this film. He divests Anupam Kher's plot and demands for Rs. 15 lacs to give his plot back to him. And this endeavor of Anupam Kher to get his plot back creates many funny situations you can't resist but laugh.

Every middle class person will be able to relate to this movie. All actors have performed remarkably well. If you want to watch some different and enjoyable cinema, it's a must for you. There is no artificial attempt to make the movie humorous; the funny treatment of situations makes it a true comedy. I'll give this movie ten out of ten.